GLOBAL IP SOUTHEAST ASIA, as a member of the United GIPs, was established in 2012. Based first in Singapore, GLOBAL IP SOUTHEAST ASIA has established – and continues to build – a well-managed network within ASEAN to assist the clients with IP-related matters in all countries within the ASEAN region. GLOBAL IP SOUTHEAST ASIA now includes offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

Our Mission

We vow to help our clients, both domestic and international ones, to create maximum values out of their inventions and intellectual property rights in the ASEAN region.

Our Value

At GLOBAL IP SOUTHEAST ASIA, we provide our domestic and oversea clients with professional and cost-effective services in the ASEAN region. Commitment is ensured with our team of highly experienced and qualified IP professionals, which translates into competence. The quality of our services is further supported and enhanced by our continuous attention to the clients’ needs, as well as the effective communication both with the clients and within our own team.

As a member of United GIPs

GLOBAL IP SOUTHEAST ASIA, along with all other members of the Unites GIPs, strives to sustainably provide our clients with the highest level of services worldwide. With our global network and resources, we will continue providing the necessary assistance for our clients to thrive in the ever-changing global economy.